Region One Assembly – Delegate Report

This years OA Region One Assembly was held September 19-20 2013 in Vancouver, Washington. 18 of 24 of our Region One’s Intergroups were in attendance. This was one of the best turnouts in recent history. Including the Board, there were 28 Voting members present.  Elections were held for Chair, Treasurer, Communication Coordinator and Trustee.

Election Results:
Chair: Merry R from Calgary, Alberta
Treasurer: Deborah R from Tigard, Oregon
Communication Coordinator: Catherine C from Seattle, Washington
Trustee: Margie G from Dundee, Oregon

Some minor changes were made to the Proposed 2014 Budget and then it was passed. Several sub-committees were formed. I have been asked to sit on the By-Laws Committee.  We will be asked to review and present any changes to our fellow committee members. These changes will be presented and adopted at our 2014 Assembly.

From our Region One Chair: We are going back to basics.
Goal #1 – Increase focus on actions required for Abstinence
Goal #2 – Increase focus on the necessity of working all 12 Steps
Goal #3 – Increase focus on individual’s responsibility to carry the message

Exciting news! Merry announced that the 2014 Assembly and Convention will be held in nearby Bellingham, Washington on September 18-21 2014.  This convention will be hosted by the Region One Board, as well by the Intergroups within our Region, who will take on requested tasks. Let’s look forward to participating in next year’s Convention.

From our Trustee: Margie has great enthusiasm as our World Service Trustee and I am very excited that she’s part of our Region One Board. She was able to share about some information and minor changes that took place this past year at WSBC.

One thing that I found informative is the Reference Committee at WSBC. This is where any motion that has three or more amendments is tabled and moved over to the Reference Committee where it will be decided what the motion will read. This will not happen during the meeting, but will be introduced as old business at a future meeting. The body then gets to pass or not pass the newly amended motion. This is how we got the “Action Plan” added to our tools.

News from fellow Region One Intergroups:

  • Promote Fellowship – 12th Step Within has started a “Road Crew” this is a group list of OAers who have their name on a list and visit various groups in our area.
  • Group Designated Downloader – This is a person within a group that wants to take on the position of “downloader” looking at the regions website, other intergroups within our region, and the OA World Service Website looking for things to download, print and share with the group.
  •  OA has a “New Poster” that we can get from WS. The “Feet on the Scale” looks good.
  •  A speaker list can found be on as well one should be added to our Region One.

It’s been a great pleasure to be of service to our Sea to Sky Intergroup, and I’m sure I’ve missed some info for this report. It’s my first one as Delegate. Thanks Again to everyone for electing me as your WSD. I’d love to visit and share at your meeting, please feel free to ask me anytime.

Skylar S
Sea to Sky World Service Delegate