My Spiritual Recovery

Recovery from my disease of food addiction and compulsive overeating requires me to focus on three areas: physical, emotional, and spiritual. For me, my recovery doesn’t work unless I am flexing my spiritual muscles on a daily basis. This helps me turn my will and my life over to the care of my Higher Power, “God” each day to maintain my sanity and my serenity. Unfortunately, I struggle with “trust” and have a bad habit of turning away from God, saying “I can handle things on my own”.

To try and build my trust and faith in the God of my understanding, I’ve had to ask myself “What do I believe about God?” I believe that I matter to God, that he wants what’s best for me, that he is always with me, that he loves me unconditionally, and that he wants to have a relationship with me. God is capable of handling all of my problems. He is all-knowing and unchanging. He is my constant companion, my protector, my guide, my healer, and my helper. God is loving, holy, just, righteous, caring, forgiving, tender, nurturing, comforting, and giving. I have an almighty God who fills me with life and energy.

If I don’t spend time with God on a daily basis, I am opening the door to my cunning, baffling, and powerful disease, and my life becomes unmanageable. Every day I need to humble myself before God, ideally on my knees, and pray for his help for my recovery and other struggles I might have. Prayer is opening my heart and my mind and talking to God. It is the key to inviting his presence into my life in order to have intimate contact with him. Maintaining good prayer habits is non-negotiable. I try to pray regularly, privately, specifically, and sincerely in a quiet atmosphere. Spending this time with God gives me trust, confidence, peace, relief and serenity.

It is also important that I open my mind and listen to God. He speaks to me in a variety of ways. He can speak into my mind, speak through another person, and speak through literature. Thy will not mine be done! I know that I am doing God’s will when I have interest in others, when I am being love-centered and God-centered, when I have faith and trust in God, when I am honest, humble, considerate, respectful, giving, patient, forgiving, modest, trusting, and serene.

Exploring my Spirituality and doing God’s will is an exciting adventure! It takes me down paths that I would never have dreamed of venturing. It is character building and rewarding. I am very blessed to be on this spiritual journey!

Wendy Marie