Rosemary Heights Retreat Reflections

The retreat on November 15th to 17th at Rosemary Heights in Surrey was a wonderful weekend shared by who attended. The speakers shared their messages of recovery in stirring and memorable ways.


The speaker on Friday night and Saturday afternoon reinforced how we are all together in recovery and how we have much in common with each other even when it appears on the outside that we do not. He reminded us that we are all beautiful and worthy of recovery, and through our connection with a higher power we are firmly rooted in recovery together.


The speaker on Saturday night illustrated how the plan of action tool is being used in her life and how we can wield this tool in our recovery. The small group activities were surprisingly revealing by the deceivingly simple activities and stimulated many shares about character defects and how they affect our lives. Most people heard something they needed to hear to strengthen their recovery and we all look forward to next year’s retreat!


Submitted by Ali