I didn’t think I needed OA when I went to a meeting with a friend many years ago. While I knew I was overweight, I thought, “I’m not one of them. I can handle it.”

A few years ago, I went to support another friend at an OA meeting. I went for several weeks with the same attitude I had before. However, things were getting worse for me. I was heavier. Even in the midst of my active disease, I knew something was wrong. Most people don’t have two lunches or dinners. Most people don’t race to the store to stock up for the overnight binge in front of the TV. Maybe something better exists here.

It took awhile before I admitted to being a compulsive overeater. When I did, it was a relief. I remember feeling so alone while I binged, and not enough food existed to make that go away. Now I have friends in OA, have lost 50 pounds (23 kg) and am happier. While I’m still getting used to being “weight appropriate,” I know I never have to go back to that hell.

— L.W., Rhode Island USA
From the March, 2012 issue of Lifeline Magazine