Reflections from a newcomer

My name is Rachel C. and I am a compulsive eater and bulimic. I attended my first OA meeting on Monday March 10th and have been going ever since. I received my 30 day coin recently and am working the steps through The Twelve-Step Workbook of OA.

My sponsor felt my answer to Step 1 #8 is worth sharing.

Am I ready to change and to learn? Why?

I am ready to change. Love and support from OA members has given me the courage to just be me for the first time in my life. I have the courage to rely on others. I have the courage to expect others to treat me well.

I am ready to learn to remain in each moment so that the important things are with me all of the time. I am ready to learn how I can let go of the distractions that I used to put in front of all else before embracing OA.

I am ready to learn to love and nurture myself, to let go of my defenses and to openly love and support myself as I do all others.

~ Rachel C.