I Can Do This

I wrote this letter to myself sometime in the past to help me stop bingeing. I would like to share it with Lifeline.

  • Choose life, not food.
  • Bingeing – Stop!
  • You’re worth more.
  • It doesn’t fix me—it makes me unhappy.
  • It makes my life unmanageable.
  • It messes up my life.
  • It takes away my happiness.
  • Don’t do it!
  • Bingeing takes away from me.
  • It steals from me.
  • It produces sadness, fatigue and confused thinking.
  • If you put rubbish in, you get rubbish out!
  • Concentrate on your relationship with manageability, with your feelings.
  • If you indulge, it will take away your shine.
  • Concentrate on what you’re building; every time you say “no,” you grow stronger and shinier.
  • Bingeing and overeating steal from you.
  • They take away recovery and replace it with dis-ease.
  • Work through the feelings you have now, do your food plan, call your sponsor, read some OA literature, do your morning readings, call a newcomer and pray…
  • Work through the sadness and unmanageability, stay focused, get back on track by reaching out, use the OA Fellowship and be honest.
  • You are a compulsive overeater.
  • Go through the darkness.
  • It’s not about weight.
  • Realize freedom exists at the end of this difficult time.
  • Go to any lengths to not binge or overeat.
  • When the madness comes, read this: It gets worse.
  • The manageable life God has given you will slip away if you choose food. Choose life!! The cravings will pass.

I can do this, one day at a time. Today I can abstain from compulsive overeating

~ Emma S., England, Lifeline Magazine