Each Perfect Day

My joys of recovery through OA are sometimes indescribable, yet involve such small happenings that they are easy to overlook:

  1. The miracle of being at an ordinary weight, looking and feeling like others.
  2. Having time and energy for life; not thinking constantly about how, what, when, and how much I am going to eat.
  3. Feeling freer from my fears by working the Steps, knowing that the fears I still experience are feelings and not facts, things I can pray about to HP, write about, and share with others.
  4. Having a recipe for living, a guide for being part of the human race rather than an observer obsessively thinking “what if” . . . “I want that” . . . “if only.”
  5. Being part of a worldwide Fellowship instead of feeling I am the only one who does not know the secrets for success.

Now I know this secret—the Twelve Steps. What more do I need? After six and a half years of abstinence, I can say my life is perfect. I once aimed for perfection, not realizing I had it all along. I was so obsessed with yesterday and tomorrow that today zipped by in a flash, a fog, or endless anxiety.

The joys of recovery are life and love—all the gifts a day can bring.