One Person to Another

Each year as my OA anniversary approaches, I like to remember what worked for me when I first came into our Fellowship in April 1977. That’s especially important in these wired times. Although it’s convenient and a boost to my program to go online, it can also distance me from others inside OA and in my relationships with family and friends.

Having face-to-face relationships with other OA members and sharing my experience, strength, and hope with them helped me the most. Those experiences helped me reconnect with my Higher Power—a vital link when I could not connect with a program friend or go to a meeting. Then, by working the first three Steps, I found I could depend upon that Higher Power to help me choose abstinence from compulsive eating.

I like to remember how OA started—one person sharing with another his or her powerlessness over food, each helping the other find a way out of addiction. That helps me keep it simple when I start allowing my program to become too complicated.

Reprinted from Lifeline magazine