Forgiveness: A path to freedom

Through practicing the Steps, sharing my story, listening to other OA members’ experiences and using the Tool of writing, I have been able to forgive people for the wrongs they have committed against me. This freed me to focus on recovery instead of hanging on to old hurts and resentments.

However, I have yet to forgive one person, and now is the time to do so to move on in my recovery.

I forgive you for hurting me physically:

  • Abusing my body
  • Neglecting my true nutritional needs
  • Damaging my health

I forgive you for hurting me emotionally:

  • Telling me all my life I was worthless, unlovable, hopeless
  • Watching me struggle with anxiety and depression, but not intervening to show me available help because you made me think I wasn’t worth the effort
  • Poisoning my mind with negative thoughts, such as, I’ll never be perfect, so there’s no point in trying

I forgive you for hurting me spiritually:

  • Telling me I could handle things on my own just fine; I didn’t need God
  • Convincing me God didn’t care about me anyway
  • Persuading me that prayer and meditation were a useless waste of time

I forgive you because you were sick then and didn’t know a better way to live, a way I needed to learn—the Twelve-Step life. Now you know and can help me heal.

Who is this person I needed to forgive? Myself.

Have you forgiven yourself?

Reprinted from Lifeline magazine