Joy of Recovery

For me the joy of recovery is easy to explain. It is feeling happy playing with my kitty; feeling alive walking to work through a beautiful park; feeling love for my family, friends and companion.

Some feelings are harder: feeling sad that things aren’t going my way; feeling angry at the injustice in the world; feeling disappointed that I’m less than perfect and that people haven’t done for me what I wanted them to do; feeling afraid of loud noises under the hood of my car, of new people, of new tasks at work.

As I continue to recover, I continue to learn that my feelings are the joy of recovery for me. Feelings remind me that I am alive and abstinent, that I am capable of using the OA program to deal with the ups and downs of life. They help me stay close to my Higher Power through gratitude for the good, relief at a source of help for the difficult, and compassion in times of despair. In my emotionless, pre-recovery life, I was not living a life of sane and happy usefulness. Now I am. It’s a joy to be in recovery!

— Reprinted from Lifeline magazine