Sea-to-Sky Intergroup Gratitude List

Here are some of the things that Sea to Sky intergroup members are grateful for –

I feel grateful for 14+ years of OA abstinence to the best of my ability and sobriety in my life and purpose. Not least, all the wonderful, beautiful people I have met that I wouldn’t have met outside OA.

~ Greta H

Some things I am grateful for:

  1. Being connected to the God of my understanding so that I don’t have to go it alone.
  2. Being blessed with an awesome Sponsor that I met at the OA Convention in Bellingham a year ago.
  3. Being blessed with a beautiful new home in Sardis along with wonderful neighbours and a fantastic handyman.
  4. For having my disease of food addiction that got me into 12 Step programs.
  5. For Bill W., Dr. Bob, Dr. Silkworth, and the other AA pioneers that gave me hope for recovery if I am willing to surrender my trigger foods and follow the simple instructions they spelled out in the Big Book.

~ Wendy

  • I am grateful that there is a weekly OA meeting in our little town. Were it not for this meeting, I would still be in misery.
  • I am grateful for technology, for it enables me to listen to other OA’s, from far away, share their experience, strength in hope. It helps so much to my recovery.
  • I am grateful to have a great sponsor and sponsee. I feel like I am valuable and needed. I am part of a chain of recovery. I am helped and I try to help
  • I am grateful that I live on this beautiful planet. Every day I am surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, and it inspires me to continue to grow, to live strong, and to keep going.
  • I am grateful for all of the other OA members who have the courage and the generosity to show up for each other, because now, I no longer feel alone.

~ Marie, Whitehorse

I am grateful for sponsorship, twelve steps, our garden, friendship in fellowship, and having the ability to read and write.

~ AP, Whitehorse

  1. Being back at work
  2. Having a doctor that I completely trust
  3. That I’m growing…and shrinking…at the same time
  4. That I had someone who believed in me before I knew how to believe in me
  5. That my heart still works…physically and emotionally

~ BMR, Yukon

What are YOU grateful for?