Surviving the Holidays

My “Feast Days” Plan

Practicing my plan below frees me from food obsession on “Feast Days.”

  1. Plan and commit to no more than__ drinks that day.
  2. Prepare and set aside whatever dessert I can safely have.
  3. Plan and measure whatever I might eat as an appetizer.
  4. Commit the above to my sponsor the evening before, saying, “I want to have, eat and enjoy only what I have planned tomorrow.”
  5. Thank HP on my knees that night for his gift of abstinence. Be still and reflect on how happy it makes me feel. Ask his help to do his will the next day.
  6. In the morning, pray to HP the first three Steps, asking his help to do his will with my food and life, my attitudes and relationship that day; and to let go of control and judgement.
  7. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch.
  8. Go away to be with HP in quiet sometime during the day.
  9. Have a large pitcher of lemon tea on the counter and help myself frequently.
  10. Move treats out of my line of vision.
  11. Prepare fruits and vegetables I like.
  12. Have an awareness of and enjoy each child and adult who visits.
  13. Be aware of and listen to each person’s story.
  14. Ask others what help they might need.
  15. Be aware of taste and enjoy each bite and sip I have.
  16. Move leftover treats out of my sight after they have been served.
  17. End eating after the supper meal.
  18. Relax, enjoy, listen with love, thank HP for the love present in our home.
  19. Continue drinking my tea in the evening.
  20. Reflect on the day on my knees at night and thank HP for his love and care.

~ Edited and reprinted from Out of the Cocoon newsletter, Milwaukee Area Intergroup, Jan/Feb 2011


Sea-to-Sky Tips to Get Through the Holidays

At convention last year I learned a powerful writing tool where I write a letter to God and then write a reply as though God were answering. Last year I was in relapse and chomping at the bit to indulge in all the festive foods. My very concerned Sponsor had me use this tool. There was no doubt in my mind what God’s reply would be and it described 12 Step Recovery. I was blessed that through Christmas and New Years despite being surrounded by alcohol and unhealthy food, none of it called my name and I was able to be abstinent.
~ Wendy MA

“I know what that tastes like already.
I will remember the taste of it instead of eating it.”
~~ Celia M.

If I’m going somewhere with potentially dangerous trigger foods or situations I like to bookend with my sponsor or another member. I text them when I get to the event what I’m going to eat. When the event is over I text or communicate what I have actually eaten. This keeps me accountable. Also, I always like to make sure I have an exit strategy in case I need to leave.
~~Christine, Whitehorse


My Favorite Website for Recovery Inspiration

I had the good fortune to be introduced to the “Overeaters Anonymous: A Vision For You” website. At this website they study, in depth, the first 164 pages of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. They meet Monday through Friday at 7:00 AM Eastern Time on the telephone.

On Sundays they have Special Edition meetings, covering various topics and personal stories of transformations made possible through the teaching and practice of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous. Question and answer periods are also included.

Fortunately these meetings are recorded and archived so they are easily accessed to be listened to on line. It is exciting for me to hear people calling in with questions from various states, provinces and different countries.

Recently “A Vision For You” had its first convention on the east coast of Virginia and I heard that 500 OA members attended. There is a lot of recovery on this website and so I was not surprised to learn that the majority in attendance were at a healthy weight. I would have loved to have been there as I heard it was life changing.

Listening to the podcasts on this site has given me a deeper understanding of my disease, along with the work and commitment required to recover by following the simple instructions as outlined in the BB, One Day At A Time.

I will definitely be turning to this site often during the holiday season to help me stay on track.

In service, … Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
~ Wendy MA