Recovery Adventure

I have been contemplating the words Each day that we live well, we are well” (The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, p. 106), and how this works in my life. I have noted that the fleeting moments of well-being, serenity and sanity give me the greatest joy and generate the most heartfelt gratitude to HP for the gift of life, this program and its members and yes, even for my disease of compulsive eating that has led me to this recovery adventure.

Just when I thought I was too old  and defeated to embark on any new undertakings of great scope and magnitude, I came to these rooms and found a whole new world waiting to be explored. I have come to see my program as an adventure that causes changes in my heart, mind and spirit.

It is but a bit of psychic alteration in my thinking—due entirely to doing the footwork every day of connecting to HP, working the Twelve Steps and using the program tools—that has enabled me to start each day with the honest intention to actively seek out the positive in my life.

When I embody this new psychic attitude, I cannot fail to feel the joy and love available to me. I cannot help but feel gratitude to HP, this program and all who are in my life, even when life is challenging.

Every moment I enjoy life, both the mundane and the extraordinary, is a blessing and a gift. If I am happy, joyous and free, I can give that away in my pro-gram service to others.

Giving away what I have been graced with in program allows me to keep it and generates more joy and serenity in my own life. It’s a win-win situation. It works when we work it, and we are worth it.

— Rose, California USA
From Lifeline Magazine, July, 2014