Dear Old Me

Dear Old Me,

 “Old me, I love you. I don’t like everything you did, but I like what you are trying to become and what you are this very day” (Lifeline Sampler, p.61).

 I’ve been watching you. I’ve seen your suffering, and you needn’t worry because I love you still. Do not be afraid of feeling emotions. They are but a passing storm; you’ll only get a little wet.

I’m here to tell you that you are worthy of giving love and being loved. That some people have betrayed you is not a judgment on you. Your light is what makes you, and your higher self will not judge you.

Eat and enjoy food, but use it for joy, not sorrow. Food is not your true problem as you had thought. It’s your addiction to despair and isolation that ails you. Be not afraid of becoming the person you want to be, and be not afraid of whom that person might be.

Simply be honest and respectful of yourself, and your suffering will come to an end.

Your future self
P.S., you did well!

— Darren, California USA
From Lifeline Magazine, July 2014