Meals as Prayer

My meal is a prayer. Meals are no longer a weapon I use to abuse and punish others and myself. Most often I plan my own meals, and from the time I start to choose what I will prepare, the loving thoughts start to form in my mind.

Once I have the concept and message of my prayer, which is always love and health, then the program, experience and God help me know what portions and foods compliment my body and soul. I make wise and affectionate choices. As I sit down and gaze at the food that will soon nourish my beautiful body, I remember the journey and the gifts OA has given me.

Each bite is like a verse to my prayer, every morsel a word. Chewing slowly, the prayer unfolds from thought and action to body and soul. I sit in comfort as I convey the message of health and love to my spirit just as I would if I were writing the words down on paper.

I marvel as my mouth starts to digest the food while I chew each bite with purpose and love. I can almost feel the miracle occurring as the food releases into my body nutrients that keep me alive and well. I think of God while I eat. I give thanks for every bite, knowing how fortunate I am to have all I need in life and much more.

I delight in the tastes that burst in my mouth. Contentment and satisfaction fill my consciousness. When my mind starts to wander away from my prayer, as it sometimes does, with love I bring it back to my spiritual communion with Higher Power. The con- nection between food, God and me is powerful. My meal is a prayer.

— S.H., Tucson, Arizona USA
From Lifeline Magazine, July 2014