Inner Workings

I do intergroup service for several reasons. First, my home group did not have an active intergroup representative when I first came to OA. The group asked for a volunteer, and no hands went up, so

Volunteers are indispensable in organizations trying to do worthwhile things. So with very little experience in OA but knowing that volunteering “lubricates the world’s soul,” I agreed.

Another reason I serve as an intergroup representative is so I can learn OA’s big picture. Working with like-minded people from other groups who love to serve and are struggling to recover from compulsive overeating, I have learned more about the actual structure of OA than I ever would have by simply reading or picking up bits and pieces of information in my home group.

I want to help my home group make a big contribution, not only to our own members but also to those who still suffer in and out of our rooms. As I learn how it all fits together, I can motivate others to reach beyond our walls.

Finally, I know those who serve grow spiritually and emotionally in an exponential way because I believe that is how my Higher Power designed the inner workings of the universe. I want as much recovery and abstinence as time will allow, and serving others through my home group and intergroup makes it likely my desire to help other sufferers will be successful!

— Barry, Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA

From Lifeline Magazine, July 2014

Intergroup Service Opportunities

Sea to Sky Intergroup Board Member elections will take place in June, 2016. One of the requirements is that you attend the May Intergroup Meeting. You are welcome to join us on May 28 and June 25th from 10am to 12pm at Unity in Action Church in New Westminster (1630 Edinburgh Street, New Westminster). Click here for more information about Intergroup meetings, including a a list of positions and job descriptions.