Suit up, show up, be a part of and share the load

There’s a new podcast series for 2016 centered on “Service and My Recovery.” In addition to the Steps and Traditions, each podcast explores one of the Twelve Concepts of OA Service.

Podcasts are available at any time and at no charge, so follow this series to become more familiar with the Concepts and to learn the many ways service can boost your program and strengthen your recovery.

Principles of Tradition Eight – Fellowship, and Concept Eight – Delegation

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“Overeaters Anonymous should remain forever non-professional, but our service centers may employ special workers.” – Tradition Eight

“The Board of Trustees has delegated to its Executive Committee the responsibility to administer the OA World Service Office.”– Concept Eight

The principle of Tradition Eight is Fellowship and Concept Eight is Delegation. The workshop speakers share their individual stories of recovery and how fellowship and delegation are important in their service work.

For additional study, review The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous and The Twelve Concepts of OA Service.

The 2016 podcasts are produced from recordings of monthly virtual workshops held on the second Sunday of every month, and OA members can also participate in the virtual workshops before new podcasts are released. See the Datebook Calendar on for the complete schedule of telephone workshops and dial-in instructions.

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2015 Workshop Series

If you need help working the Twelve Steps, check out last year’s “Working All Twelve Steps” podcast series. Each podcast focuses on one of the Twelve Steps.