Cold Comfort

enthusiasm.jpgEnthusiasm, the quality of being filled with my Higher Power’s presence, reminds me that I always have a choice.

A recent deep freeze in my part of the United States seemed to limit my choices; I couldn’t get my truck out of a snowbank to get to my weekly face-to-face OA meeting. Glumly, I stared out at the frozen landscape, as newspaper warnings of windchills and even colder temperatures flashed into my mind. Since I live alone, missing the meeting would not only mean the loss of friendly faces sharing experience, strength, and hope, but also the loss of any in-person social interaction for the day.

What to do? Television seemed bleak and a nap unnecessary; certainly I didn’t want to hang out in the kitchen staring wistfully at the refrigerator.

Then I remembered the old cross-country skis and boots I’d purchased at a used sporting goods store in my first year of abstinence. I suited up and took a very brisk ski across the corneld next to my house. With the sunlight gleaming on the ripples of snow, I quickly warmed up. The cold breeze pushed me back into the house in half an hour, but by then I was refreshed and relaxed, ready to eat an abstinent meal and look for an online meeting.

Enthusiasm is the constant reminder to fill up on my Higher Power’s love, not food!

Thanks, OA, even if the Olympic committee never calls!

~ Anonymous