Not According to Plan

flowerBefore OA, I was living and keeping busy, but my eating and weight were not in control. I felt hopeless, thinking I would never weigh less.

I had started on a reasonable plan for eating and exercise, but after a few days I had trouble keeping to my plan for even one day. I just had no control.

I made it to an OA meeting and found people who understood. I felt joy and hope that I hadn’t had for a long time. I didn’t drop the extra weight quickly, but as I started with my abstinence one week after my first meeting, the cloudy thinking cleared.

I started working the Steps and my resentments fell away as I admitted them and shared them with my sponsor. My sadness and fear left as I worked the Steps and was able to live in the present.

I am 40 pounds (18 kg) below my highest weight, and I feel healthy, strong, and free to move.

Now I am not living by my plan but looking to my Higher Power daily.

~ Marjorie K., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan USA