Oh is One Syllable

Driving to my OA meeting this morning, I felt a sense of calm about this past week.

An authority figure had made an inappropriate comment, and I spoke my truth without becoming belligerent, without thinking obsessively about the situation afterward, without gossiping, and without stu ng down my anger with food.

Someone else asked me for a favor that carried the potential for crossing my personal boundaries. I took time to reflect and spoke my truth. I offered what I could without guilting myself for taking care of my needs, without guilting the other party for having dared to make the request, and without stuffing down my indecisiveness with food.

Another person asked me to help out in their sadness. I was able to be there for her, speaking my truth of shared sorrow in her pain, without offering advice, without comparing her situation to mine (mine being so much worse, of course), without coming away too drained, and without stuffing down my tiredness with food.

I realized that “oh” had become a one- syllable phrase. Before OA, you would hear me say:

Oh, wow!

Oh, darn.

Oh, yes!

Oh, please?

Oh, my.

Oh, crap.

Oh, really?

Oh, why?

Now you will hear me say:




Oh . . .

OA has taught me that I need to feel my emotions with Higher Power in my corner and to let go of the outcomes. It has given me balance in my life, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. It has taken me out of the isolation of addiction. It has given me a healthy relationship with myself and others. It has given me freedom from the obsession, and an ever-expanding energy for life.

Thanks to all who have come before me and who have dedicated themselves to service and carrying the message!

~ K., Canada