Here for a Reason

Before March 2014, my life was full of self-hatred, fear, and isolation. I took the phone off the hook and ate all day and night. At one point, I ate myself up to 323 pounds (147 kg). I had been in and out of OA since 1974, and I was desperate. I needed OA badly, and I am now back with a vengeance.

I returned to OA in March 2014. I got abstinent immediately, went to meetings, and used the phone.

In June 2014, I had a relapse. I struggled for several months until finally I asked God for the willingness to give up the food. I prayed this prayer several times a day.

On January 21, 2015, a miracle happened. I got my abstinence back and now have more than six months of continuous abstinence. I have put down the food and picked up the Steps. I am almost finished with Step Four and ready for Step Five.

In June 2015, I was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure. At rst I was scared and felt I had waited too long to get recovery. During my stay in the hospital, I had a spiritual awakening. I have faith that God kept me here for a reason, and I’d like to think the reason is for me to help the still-suffering compulsive eater.

OA is a miracle in my life. I attend at least three meetings a week, and I have a sponsor, two sponsees, and many OA friends. I talk to at least three or four people daily. OA is my answer to the fear, self-hatred, and isolation of the past.

~ Carole L., Palmer, Massachusetts USA