Sea to Sky Intergroup Update – June

Here is an update for June from your Sea to Sky Intergroup –

Check out the  June Newsletter for helpful information on creating an effective sponsorship relationship and thoughts on Step Two and hope. Still lots of retreats and events to consider attending for a boost to your recovery and fellowship. Feel free to print extra copies for your meeting or share by e-mail. Submissions for the June newsletter can be sent to

The June Meeting Directory is now available to help you find meetings throughout the month. Remember, if you can’t make it out to a meeting, there are loads of virtual meetings (telephone and on-line) and podcasts full of experience, strength & hope.  If you have changes/edits to the meeting directory, send an e-mail to

Questions about Sponsorship? World Service has a nine-part podcast series, “Sponsorship Success” featuring members from various regions sharing their experience, strength, and hope with using the Tool of sponsorship. Learn more about: What is a Sponsor? Why should I get a sponsor? Why be a sponsor? What is the “job description” for sponsorship? What are different sponsoring styles? And more. PLUS, download the Sponsorship Success questionnaire with thought-provoking questions for writing exercises, discussion, or meditation to complement each podcast. Find out more at

Use the new Uniting with Diversity trifold to strengthen unity in your group and service body. Download, copy, and share this new, free resource created by the Unity with Diversity Committee to support the strength and hope we find together in fellowship.

Person to Person – Carrying the Message is the topic for this virtual OA literature workshop. A member maintaining a 200+ pound weight loss shares her journey in recovery and how the OA literature, Steps, Traditions, Tools and a sponsor guide her recovery. She discusses sponsoring, the difference between a suggestion and advice, and how her sponsor’s suggestion to pray and has helped her with the dilemmas of life. To unselfishly share our experience, strength, and hope is the message of the pamphlet Person to Person: Carrying the Message, Our Special Gift. Listen to the podcast <here>.

Do you have 3-4 hours a month? Intergroup open service positions include: archivist, public information coordinator, marathons/retreats coordinator and 12 Step within coordinator.  All OA members are welcome at Intergroup meetings. Join us! Check out the position descriptions and feel free to attend the next Intergroup Meeting on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 10 am (1630 Edinburgh Street in New Westminster). All are welcome.

Responsibility Pledge
Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible.