As We Understood Him

Before my second time around in OA, the God of my life was vengeful, punishing, unloving, and terrible. God demanded that my parents abuse me verbally, physically, and emotionally through beliefs such as “Spare the rod, spoil the child.”

When I first came to OA, God was a huge stumbling block for me. OA is a spiritual program, but all I heard was the word “God” and not what followed, “as we understood Him.” It took almost two years of reading OA and AA literature, not going to meetings, and relapsing into overeating before I finally heard and understood those words.

My Higher Power today is forgiving, loving, kind, and gentle. I describe my Higher Power as mother earth, father sky, and nature, in all their beautiful wonder and awesomeness. I now have a deeper understanding of my own spiritual side as well as OA’s spiritual program.

I returned to the OA rooms after a two-year absence that included a long relapse with a weight gain of over 50 pounds (23 kg). Now I have been abstinent since October 2012 with my Higher Power’s help.

Thank you, Higher Power and the Fellowship of OA, for being patient and there for me always.

— Chris L., Bloomington, Minnesota USA