A Token of My Esteem

To me, our Responsibility Pledge in OA means more than an arrangement to do something.

In Spanish, the word ‘compromiso’ (commitment) can also mean ‘pledge’ or ‘token.’ A pledge is a thing that is given as security, a guarantee of completion; it is liable to forfeiture in any case of non-completion. From OA, I received an awareness of abstinence and with it a new perspective of who I am.

Today, thanks to the unconditional support of my fellows in recovery, I am a better version of myself. Now I know my limits but do not try to fix myself; I understand that I am part of something greater than myself that I cannot explain – but which will help me overcome.

Now I know my strengths and I feel a deep respect for them; I am very proud of myself. Now I live love and I can share it without fear. Why would I not pledge my life itself if it were necessary?

I am a lover of OA, and I do not have to say anything, just extend my hands and my heart to all who still live as I lived before.

— Anonymous