Face Time

I went to a meeting the other day and was walking in with a friend (we squeaked in barely on time) when I noticed, down the hall, someone sitting alone.

I asked, “Are you looking for OA?” The answer was yes.

The newcomer had never been to that particular meeting before. I had just gotten the meeting started when two other folks walked in — they had never been to any meetings in town either. I think there was a total of six of us that day. Maybe folks were out of town or busy with holiday plans (though we all know we cannot aord to give our recovery a vacation).

I am grateful that phone and online meetings exist. I am sure they benefit many folks’ recoveries. But when I was a newcomer, I would not have made it with so few members in the actual rooms.

Please consider coming to meetings as a major and important part of service. Please consider giving back to newcomers the kind of face time you got when you started in OA. It’s such an important way to be freed from isolation and a valuable tool of recovery. Face-to-face meetings are a life-enriching experience.

~ Mica W., North Carolina USA