A speaker at an OA convention once shared that he would have been willing to sit naked on a fireplug and hand out leaflets if that was what his recovery required. Fortunately, our program requires no single act of daring. Instead, we are shown a path to follow the rest of our lives.

For those of us who sought a magic pill or diet to cure our overeating, the “fireplug program” might seem easier than practicing the principles embodied in the Twelve Steps. Our program tells us that through “the process” of working the Steps daily, sanity and abstinence will be found. We who have followed that process for a time, and then became distracted from it, have found that sanity and abstinence are hard to maintain without it.

This program promises real and amazing recovery. Hopeless bingeing is replaced by healthy eating. Excess weight disappears without diets, purging, or excessive exercise. We can live free of the obsession with food and eating, day after day, for years at a time. But none of this is automatic. We have to be willing to live the Twelve Steps daily, in order to keep our recovery.

~ Excerpt From: Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. “Voices of Recovery: A Daily Reader. pg 328”