Big Book Weekend Workshop

BigBookWeekend_2019What will happen at this Workshop? We will be led through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous through the eyes of OA.

Not sure what the Big Book is? Come for a weekend of fellowship and find out!

“If a mere code of morals or a betterphilosophy of life were sufficient to overcome compulsive eating, many of us would have recovered long ago…

… Lack of power, that was our dilemma. We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a Power greater than ourselves. Obviously. But where and how were we to find this Power?

Well, that’s exactly what this book is about.Its main object is to enable you to find a Power greater than yourself which will solve your problem.”

Paraphrased from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Pages 44 and 45.

Understanding (and then working) the Steps outlined in the Big Book is essential to our recovery. Here’s your big chance to do a Big Book study intensive without going away or spending a lot of money!

Join us at the Firefighters’ Hall in Burnaby (at Metrotown),May 3-5. Early registration is $59 by April 15.

For more information or to register, click here.
Questions? Cheri at 604.773.1232.