WSBC Final Report

World Service has released the final report from the World Service Business Conference, held May 6-11 2019 in Albuquerque, NM.

The document may be viewed here on the OA World Service Website.

Here’s a list of information that can be found in the report:

  • World Service Board of Trustees 2019-2020
  • World Service Delegate Cochairs 2019-2020
  • World Service Business Meetings Minutes
  • Chair’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Managing Director’s Report
  • Bylaws Committee Report
  • Conference-Approved Literature Committee Report
  • Public Information/Professional Outreach Committee Report
  • Region Chairs Committee Report
  • Twelfth Step Within Committee Report
  • Unity with Diversity Committee Report
  • Young Persons’ Committee Report
  • All About Conference Workshop
  • Attraction Rather Than Promotion Multiplying Recovery – Virtual and Face-to-Face Workshop
  • Attraction Rather Than Promotion What Up? Attracting Young Persons Workshop
  • Carrying the Message: See a Health Fair/Professional Tradeshow Booth in Action Workshop
  • Forum Each One, Reach One, Every Day: Carrying the Message
  • How Do We Grow? How Attractive Are We to New Members? Workshop
  • How Do We Grow? Keeping Members Engaged Workshop
  • How Do We Grow? Social Media – KISS (Keep It Super Simple) Workshop
  • World Service Attending Delegates
  • Business Conference Policy Manual
  • Business Conference Policy Manual Appendix A – Rescissions
  • Business Conference Policy Manual Index
  • OA, Inc. Bylaws, Subpart A
  • OA, Inc. Bylaws, Subpart B
  • OA, Inc. FY2018 Financial Report