Sea to Sky Intergroup

What is Intergroup?

Intergroup is the business meeting that supports the local OA meetings. It is held from 10:00 a.m. until 12 noon on the last Saturday of each month at Unity in Action Church, 1630 Edinburgh Street, New Westminster. All are welcome.

Intergroup News

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 8.52.47 AM GUIDELINES FOR ANONYMITY IN THE DIGITAL WORLD Digital communication is an important way OA members share fellowship and carry the message. Use the new Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World to honor our Traditions and protect your own and others’ anonymity when posting about your experience, strength, and hope online.

WSBC DELEGATE REPORT – The World Service Business Conference (WSBC) is the annual business meeting of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. WSBC serves as the collective conscience of the Fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous. Held annually in April or May, this week-long meeting is attended by delegates representing OA service bodies around the world. It is held to elect trustees, amend bylaws, adopt new business policies and provide information to delegates through presentations and workshops on issues that affect OA as a whole. Read the 2019 report  from our the Sea to Sky Intergroup WSBC delegate.

As well, here is the WSBC FINAL REPORT for 2019.

About Intergroup

Intergroup maintains the Twelve Traditions; specifically our commitment to traditions One (Unity), Two (Group Conscience), Five (Carry the message), and Twelve (Anonymity and Principals before Personalities).

The purpose of Intergroup is discussion of any business or issues that relate to OA as a whole. It is also an appropriate forum to present concerns, plans and solutions for OA as an organization. The Sea to Sky Intergroup represents the OA meetings located in the Lower Mainland and Whitehorse. It communicates to other member groups who make up Region One, which includes all of the Western provinces and the Western United States, and with the World Service Organization.

Some of the other nearby Intergroups within BC include the Vancouver Island Intergroup and the Southern BC Interior Intergroup. There are also nearby Intergroups within Alberta, Washington, Oregon and Idaho which may have events of interest to Sea to Sky Intergroup members.

The Sea to Sky Intergroup stocks a selection of popular OA literature from the World Service office for purchase by individuals and/or local OA groups and meetings. Additional items (such as the Region 1 Daily Journal, the AA Big Book and AA 12×12) may be ordered through the Literature Chair. (If not in stock, delivery would be at the following Intergroup meeting.)

Intergroup carries the message by publishing a monthly Newsletter and Meeting Directory for the Lower Mainland, by reaching out through Public Information and the Telephone Line and through the World Service Delegates.

Who can attend Intergroup?

Any OA member is welcome to attend Intergroup. All local OA meetings are encouraged to elect an Intergroup representative to attend Intergroup meetings to represent and bring back information.  Minutes of the Intergroup meetings are mailed to all attending OA members.

What is discussed at the Intergroup meetings?

The Chair and Vice-Chair establish an Agenda prior to each meeting.

There are standing agenda items such as, short reports from the Treasurer, the World Service Delegate(s), the Literature Chairperson, the Meeting Coordinator, the Newsletter Editor, the Marathon and Retreat Coordinator, The Telephone Committee Chair, the Public Information Coordinator and each Intergroup Representative so that all attending Intergroup are aware of the issues in the local meetings.

Following the reports, other Business of Intergroup is discussed.

If you want to have an item on the agenda, contact your Intergroup Representative or the Intergroup Chair at least 7 days prior to the Intergroup meeting.

New items or motions for discussion/ decisions can be proposed and considered for inclusion by the Chair at the meeting.

What Are Motions?

Intergroup uses Robert’s Rules of Order as a guideline to running meetings.  Any OA member can make a motion, by submitting a written statement to the Chair.  Use the IG_Motion_Form to write up your motion ahead of time or bring it to the meeting.

Who can Vote at Intergroup?

Each member of OA who is representing a group or is in an elected Board position has one vote for any motion made. The Chair does not vote although in the event of a tie vote the Chair can cast the deciding vote.

How is Intergroup funded?

The 7th Tradition states that we are self-supporting through our own contributions.

Each individual group meeting supports itself by contributions for room rental, literature purchases, and donations to Intergroup, Region One and World Service.

When the Representative from a local meeting comes to Intergroup there are donation envelopes on the table that have a piece of paper inside to designate how the local meeting has decided the donation should be divided between Intergroup, Region One and World Service. Most often the local group chooses a 60 Intergroup), 30 (Region One), 10% (World Service).

How does an Intergroup Representative purchase literature for their local home group?

The literature table is set up at each Intergroup meeting. If the Intergroup Rep has not ordered items via email ahead of the meeting date (using the form below), they should follow this procedure:  Pick up a literature order form and complete it with item names and numbers, quantity for each item requested, group number (available from the meeting directory), a contact name and number, and dollar values. Money is not handled at this time.

The Literature Coordinator fills the order, if possible, and brings the order to the Intergroup rep, advising them of the total cost. (Cash is welcome and change is normally available. Please do not write a cheque until your order is filled: sometimes requested literature is not available and must be ordered. Note that emailed orders are filled first!) 

Does your group need literature? Make sure you send your Literature Order Form  to the Literature Coordinator at prior to the Intergroup meeting. Not sure what is available to order? Check out the Literature Catalogue.

Providing Service to Intergroup are several elected and appointed positions:

Below is a brief summary of the Roles and Responsibilities of the above positions. If you are interested in obtaining more information about any of these positions or running for office, please contact your Intergroup Representative or any member of the Intergroup Board as listed on the inside of the Meeting Directory.

The Chairperson chairs the Intergroup meeting, prepares the meeting Agenda and has cheque writing authority. JobDescription_Chairperson

The Vice-Chairperson provides assistance to the Chair and chairs the Intergroup meeting in the absence of the Chair. JobDescription_ViceChairperson

The Treasurer is responsible for the Intergroup financial records, has cheque writing authority, prepares and handles deposits and arranges necessary financial audits. JobDescription_Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer provides assistance to the Treasurer, tracks monthly Intergroup donations and issues receipts for the same. JobDescription_AssistantTreasurer

The Secretary takes minutes of the Intergroup meeting and distributes them to Intergroup representatives and Board members. JobDescription_RecordingSecretary

The Newsletter Editor obtains submissions for the newsletter, edits and organizes content, arranges copying and brings the newsletter to Intergroup for distribution to the local group meetings. JobDescription_Newsletter

The Public Information Coordinator organizes information about OA for the general public including the media, print copy and public speaking events. JobDescription_PublicInformation

The Retreat and Marathon Coordinator provides assistance to any group(s) organizing retreats or marathons. JobDescription_MarathonRetreat

The Literature Coordinator orders all OA literature from the World Service office, processes orders received from groups and submits literature funds to the Treasurer. JobDescription_LiteratureCoordinator

The Assistant Literature Coordinator provides assistance to the Literature Chairperson and processes literature orders. JobDescription_AssistantLiteratureCoordinator

The Telephone Committee Chairperson coordinates the telephone line and recruits members for the Telephone committee. JobDescription_TelephoneCommittee

The 12th Step Within Chairperson provides support and encouragement to local OA meetings. JobDescription_12thStepWithin

The World Service Delegate(s) represents the Sea to Sky Intergroup at Region One and the World Service Business Conference. JobDescription_WorldServiceDelegate

The Meeting information Coordinator updates and prints meeting directories and keeps the World Service Office informed of meeting changes. JobDescription_MeetingInformation

The Intergroup Representatives report on local group meetings and bring local member issues to Intergroup. JobDescription_IntergroupRep

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