Try Writing

At sharing time in OA meetings, I sometimes read thoughts I have written down. Sharing thoughts and speaking out loud what I have written helps my recovery.

Other members used to say, “You should submit that to Lifeline.” But I thought, “If what I write is rejected, I’ll feel rejected” or “What if it isn’t good enough?” My fear of submitting to Lifeline was really all about me because I was still living in my disease. I was missing the point, which was, “Wow, that really helped me—I bet others could be helped by it too!”

After a few years, I finally realized what others meant by saying I should submit to Lifeline, so I sent in my first item. It was published in April 2015. Shortly after that, I submitted an- other and then forgot about it. Today I opened a letter that said my second submission would appear in the March 2016 issue of Lifeline.

I’m telling this story to encourage you to take ten or fifteen minutes to write down your thoughts about something that means a lot to you. We walk in each other’s shoes. Others can be helped by what we honestly, willingly—with HP’s help—are able to say.

Today, I understand that submitting to Lifeline is not about me. It’s about throwing an emotional rope to others. It’s about sharing over isolation. By writing what we think and sharing what we write, we speak out loud, just as we do in meetings. After I took the first step, the next seemed easier. I think it could be that way for you too if you will try writing to Lifeline.

~ Donna R., Urbana, Illinois, USA (from A Step Ahead, 3rd Quarter 2016)


The WSO staff creates Lifeline from OA members’ letters. Monthly topics are suggestions. You may write about any subject important to your recovery from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors.

For a list of monthly topics and more details on the submission process, see the Share Your Story section of the Lifeline webpages.

Send your letters to:

PO Box 44020
Rio Rancho, NM 87174-4020

or email